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Join us at our Booth #SL13408 to see it all in action!


What’s New?

We recently announced PFDepth - a new, fully integrated toolset for spatial scene reconstruction, depth creation and 2D to 3D conversion. The post community is buzzing with anticipation that this “off the shelf product could make the expanding field of post-conversion accessible to much small facilities”. Come see first hand what makes PFDepth a radical evolution of the processes involved in representing the perceived geometric shape and depth of two-dimensional objects in 3D.

PFDepth PFDepth PFDepth PFDepthPFDepth PFDepth

Read the full press release here.

PFClean makes a dramatic leap forward in price/performance with the NAB 2012 debut of the Stream Pre-Processing Module. Available as an add-on option for the PFClean Remastering and Restoration suite, the Stream Pre-Processing Module offers CUDA GPU accelerated pre-processing of core restoration tasks including Degrain, Dustbusting, De-interlacing, and LUT burn-in at speeds from realtime at SD up to 10 FPS at full 2k 10 bit*.


Read the full press release here.

Our next-generation Turnkey systems offer unparallelled speed and are designed specifically to run the recently announced Stream Pre-Processing Module at break neck speeds. The new PFClean turnkey systems offer more versatility and value in a compact form factor than ever before. No longer requiring a specific license of software, the system is vailable as a modular add-on to ‘turbocharge’ your existing PFClean software**, with integral GPU acceleration, storage and Video I/O. The 2012 PFSystem is the only dedicated high performance restoration platform for uncompressed resolutions to 4K and beyond.

*Hardware permitting.
** 2012 licenses only.

Also at the show

Already the industry’s premier 3D camera tracking and matchmoving application, PFTrack 2012 continues move ahead of the pack, benefitting from The Pixel Farm’s ongoing R&D, and requests from The Farmers around the world. Notable additions in the latest version include a tightly integrated lens management workflow with The Foundry’s Nuke, enhanced z-depth tools for automatically generating even more accurate depth maps, and new mask tools like planar-trackable x-splines and “Fuzzy Selection” masks which greatly accelerate the rotoscoping process.

Dan Harvey, DI & Restoration Product Manager, will be introducing the 2012 version of PFClean, featuring enhancements to existing tools, integrated support services, and performance enhancements including optimised rendering, enhanced GPU support.

Demo Theatre

Product demonstrations are scheduled in our Theater each hour, on the hour. Daryl Shail, VFX Product Manager, will be providing comprehensive theater presentations of both PFDepth and PFTrack, focusing on the advanced tools that set The Pixel Farm’s products far apart from every other application in the VFX market space. Additionally, Dan Harvey will be providing compelling overviews of our industry leading restoration and remastering product, PFClean.

NAB2012 Demo Schedule
Powering The Pixel Farm at NAB

A special thanks go out to Aeon Computing, our trusted hardware partner. Aeon are a leading provider of application designed storage and computing, and have provided all computer systems for the NAB show. This year they will demonstrate a turn-key consolidated "Facility in a Rack" powering our restoration and VFX software. This system consists of high-performance infiniband lustre storage allowing realtime 4K shared access for client stations (linux & windows), render nodes, and DI specific systems such as PFClean. Client/animator desk side systems are eliminated by consolidating these resources in the same rack.

It’s a wrap

For NAB 2012, we open the show with significant new product releases and technology updates, were sure there’ll be something for everyone and look forward to seeing you there.

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