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At NAB2019, we introduced the next generation grading tools in Baselight 5.2 and the upcoming 5.3 release, with a particular focus on workflow and conforming: texture blend tools, per-scene cache management, multi-directory conform, collapsible stacks, as well as T‑CAM v2, FilmLight’s new improved colour appearance model, which allows the user to preserve the look of an image for all formats and device types.

We also gave a first look at the new FilmLight API, allowing advanced automation for managing media and Baselight scenes using Python, Javascript or Java, and debuted the Blackboard Classic panel. And of course, visitors could check out in-context colour grades for Flame, NUKE and Avid, and Baselight learning possibilities through Baselight STUDENT.

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Meet The Colourist: Nikola Stefanovic

Senior Colourist, MPC Shanghai, China

“Colourists today face a challenge to replace film stock and lab processes, and to introduce texture in a digital film to mimic certain analogue components or imperfections. 

That’s where Baselight fits perfectly. With its powerful set of tools, it’s hard to imagine something that you can’t do.”

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FilmLight introduces ProRes RAW native support

Baselight and Daylight 5.2 now support native access to the ProRes RAW format. This is one of the first full implementations of ProRes RAW from a world-leading professional colour grading application.

The high-quality ProRes RAW image format is now available on cameras from a wide range of vendors, including Canon, Panasonic and Nikon via Atomos recorders, and directly on the DJI Inspire 2 with a Zenmuse X7 camera.
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Blackboard Classic: The popular Blackboard 1 panel rebooted for a new generation

The Blackboard Classic control surface, which just debuted at NAB, retains all of the key features that were so popular with the original Blackboard 1 design.

The Classic is built within the same ergonomic low profile, but with larger high-resolution displays, a bigger tablet and extendable connectivity.
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Graded on Baselight

Discover more prestigious projects that Baselight colourists have worked on recently: including new Netflix documentary Our Planet, or writer-director Jenna Bass’s film Flatland, set in the South Africa's semi-desert Karoo region.

Also faith survival story Breakthrough, the new BBC ONE drama The Victim, and more.

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