MTI - Cortex v5.1 is here! Introducing new features and improvements. 


We are very happy to announce the release of CORTEX v5.1

Below is a list of the new Cortex features and improvements.
You can download this latest version on our forum!

Please note that you will need a current contract for Upgrades and Support in order to enable a v5.1 upgrade of paid Cortex editions. (Enterprise, Dailies, DIT+) If you need to renew your support contract, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New Features

+    COLOR

  • Simultaneous Dolby Vision™ Level 1 analysis and shot detection
  • Correction copy keys with with custom selection dialog


  • Dual video outputs (SDR/HDR)
  • Dolby Vision™ HDMI tunneling
  • Ability to create a basic project (simplifies Project Manager)


  • Temporal frame conversion: 24->30, 24->60, 25->50, 30->60, 60->30
  • Ability to create/import DPP IMF package
  • Ability to create AS-11 files
  • Ability to create encrypted DCPs and KDMs
  • Ability to create DCPs with subtitles
  • Ability to create IMF Application 4 packages


+    EDIT

  • Imported IMFs are now locked initially until unlocked or supplemental is created


  • Ability to read MPEG-2 AVI files
  • Ability to read DNxHR MOV/MXF OP-1a

+    QA

  • Improved Dead Pixel detection
  • Able to ripple accepted dead pixels throughout composition


  • Ability to create Fox JPEG 2000 ASM and MOV Proxy files
  • Ability to create DNxHR MOV/MXF OP-1a
  • Ability to label audio tracks in a ProRes MOV file before rendering
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