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What's New in the Cinnafilm Universe
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Cinnafilm Proudly Announces its NEW
Cloud Image Processing Service

For over a decade, Cinnafilm has carved a reputable name for itself by providing stellar image processing solutions producing great looking content for cinema, broadcast and OTT.  Whether you are pulling together random camera footage prior to edit, fixing an old clip with bad telecine artifacts and noise, or converting outputs for custom distribution in different markets, we ensure your content looks as good as mathematically possible. That is our value proposition to you.  From iPhone to IMAX and every format in between, we strive to make sure your investment looks as good as your images. Read More

RadiantGrid Redux:
Filling the Enterprise Transcoder Gap

In the 2000s, Rhozet Corp. released an enterprise-grade transcoder called Carbon Coder. It dominated the market by providing great encoding quality, outstanding multicore processor utilization and the ability to start as a self-contained system and then scale to any size of farm desired. And, it did all this at an entry price point of just $5,000 (USD). Carbon Coder had its strengths and weaknesses, but without a doubt, it created a solid niche in the market which has never been filled since it was discontinued. Read More


Bending Space and Time:
What's New with Cinnafilm Products


SpaceTime is the idea of taking three-dimensional space and fusing it with the single dimension of time, into a four-dimensional continuum. We view our technology along the same 4D continuum.

To better reflect how our products are developed, and to recognize that each of them are all part of the same parent concept, Cinnafilm is updating the name of our product library - SpaceTime.  Today, the library is known as the tachyon.dll, but it has always been much more than just Tachyon. This one little DLL has all of the spatial magic of Dark Energy, the frame mechanics of Tachyon, and the retiming wizardry of Wormhole.  Calling it just “tachyon.dll” seemed a little undeserving. Starting with the 8.0 release, the library will be referred to as the “spacetime.dll”. Pretty cool huh?  Read More

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