MTI FILM releases DRS NOVA 2.3 with many new features and new fixes.

DRS NOVA 2.3  New Release

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  • Presets in Stabilize and Dewarp
  • Image zoom and position using Mouse  (wheel) while holding down Z key
  • Use dirt map in alpha channel of 16-bit RGBA files to guide the Autofilter tool.
  • Make a clip from a sequence of DPX files where some of the files contain alpha
  • Choose Folder or File to create clip.  Folder speeds up clip creation.
  • When modifying 16-bit RGBA files, preserve alpha channel instead of zeroing it out.
  • In Paint, pressing and holding the middle mouse button will now show the import frame when in Reveal or  Clone modes (same functionality as pressing and holding the Ctrl and Shift keys).


  • Fixed an issue where the scratch tool was unable to fix EXR-format frames.
  • Fixed an issue where EXR frames were displayed with incorrect gamma applied. 
  • channels (RGBA) and some do not (RGB).
  • Fixed a bug related to tracking in Stabilize where occasionally during tracking an error dialog appears
  • Fixed Dewarp error dialog when trying to track when there are fewer than three tracking boxes.
  • Fixed Stabilize bug, if you pause tracking then change the marks, tracking would stop  Fixed issues with tracking dialogs in Paint.
  • Fixed TIFF issues with big-endian and RGBA files.     
  • Added width to timecode field in Color Breathing tool so it isn't cut off.