Come to join us in Prague to see live all new features in Autodesk Flame 2017, Colorfront Transcoder and Elements ONE

22nd November 2016, Silencio Café, Prague, from 10:00

We hope that you are excited by all of the amazing features that are part of the Flame 2017 Release!

Now, we are coming to Prague, together with Autodesk Flame Application Engineer Robert Coulin, to show you all the new features live!


When? 22nd November 2016, from 10:00

Where? Silencio Café, Osadní 774/35, Prague 7, 170 00 (see map)


What else you can look forward to see?

  • You will also have an opportunity to learn more about Colorfront Transkoder - powerful dedicated 2K/4K transcoding application.
  • And see, how Elements ONE can provide media assets to every department in your facility, from scanning, to color grading, editing, compositing, VFX and GFX - and every other application.

And of course, it will be your great opportunity to relax and speak to member of Autodesk, boneheadZ, A|W Graph and Colorfront Teams face to face.

We are looking forward to meet you there! 


Robert Coulin

Robert Coulin has been a Flame user for more than 20 years. He worked in customer support for a long time. He is freelancer and still active contributor to the beta program. 




Mazze Aderhold | Angry Face | Colorfront Transcoder

Mazze Aderhold has been in the industry since 2006 and has been working on feature films and commercials as a colorist, editor and compressionist.

In 2011 he joined Dreamwalks, doing trainings and technical support on applications such as Autodesk Flame, Assimilate SCRATCH and The Pixelfarm PFClean.

In 2014 he established himself as a freelance engineer and workflow specialist, working as a support engineer, consultant and demo artist for various developers throughout the media industry, amongst them Assimilate and Colorfront. Doing so, he regularly publishes articles focussing on different postproduction related topics in german post magazines. Ultimately, in 2015 he founded Angry Face, manufacturer of the Rageboard, a well designed, ergonomic chassis for Tangent's Element panels. Up until today his main business is technical support and workflow optimizations for clients around the globe. 




Colofront Transcoder

Powerful dedicated 2K/4K transcoding application automates fast, high-quality digital file conversion at the highest performance for studios and VFX facilities involved in motion picture and high-end TV production.

Colorfront Transkoder is the ultimate tool for DCP and IMF mastering, including: the industy's highest performance JPEG2000 encoding and decoding, 32-bit floating point processing on multiple GPUs, MXF wrapping, accelerated checksums and AES encryption and decryption, IMF/IMP and DCI/DCP package authoring, editing, transwrapping.

Transkoder 2016 adds features such as dual 4K outputs for simultaneous HDR and SDR mastering, Dolby Atmos audio and Dolby Vision encoding, automatic calculation of MaxFALL / MaxCLL values for SMPTE ST 2086:2014 HDR metadata, Civolution forensic watermarking, AS-11 - DPP output, audio level meter and vectorscope.

Advanced DCP/IMF mastering features include SMPTE TT, closed caption and subtitle support, including keyframe animated PNG and text based subtitles, bitrate and PSNR analysis, two pass encoding with PSNR and bitrate targeting, package validation with logging and reporting and international language support.  

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For utmost flexibility, ELEMENTS ONE provides both block-level and file-level access at the same time, and connects virtually all visual effects and non-linear editing applications across all platforms and fabrics in the facility – including Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere.  

Share media files natively   

By simulating an ISIS shared storage environment, ELEMENTS ONE provides full Avid Project Sharing and Bin-locking support – even when utilizing Xsan or StorNext® file systems.   

Support and simplify everyday tasks

Its unique features are specifically designed to simplify the post-production and broadcast workflow. That’s why ELEMENTS ONE provides an exceptionally intuitive web-based GUI that embraces useful tools to manage projects, organize assets and automate tasks.      

Project Management   

Share media files natively   

With ELEMENTS, Project Management becomes a lot easier, as you can share media files natively, embracing virtually all non-linear editing and VFX applications, on both Windows and OS X. Until now projects involving both Avid and other NLE applications had to be managed in two separate file systems: Unity or ISIS for the Avids and usually StorNext FS for all other applications.      

Workflow Automation   

Workflow automation with hardly any coding skills required

So far, setting up workflow automation procedures was intimidating most people, or rather reserved to IT people with in-depth coding knowledge. ELEMENTS changes all that by providing a smart and powerful, yet easy-to-use task manager that allows for simple workflow automation with hardly any coding skills required. Choose from a variety of pre-defined actions to be executed – or create your own with just a couple of mouse clicks.      

A New take on media storage: innovative, collaborative, intuitive

Our storage products are more than media storage - they come with a soul. ELEMENTS optional Media Library is not just a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use MAM for organizing and viewing your media files. It allows you to share, comment and even edit your assets from anywhere and with any device - in the most efficient and intuitive way ever.   

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Autodesk Flame

High-end 3D visual effects software 

Flame® software offers tools for fast, interactive 3D visual effects, finishing, compositing, advanced graphics, color grading, conform, editorial, and look development.

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